torsdag den 4. august 2011

Drosanthemum speciosum

Drosanthemums are underused plants. Even for gardeners in a temperate climate they are excellent for use in large claypots on the patio. They are not hardy as many Delospermas and here up north the real challenge in growing them is to get them through the winter. The best position is a bright, cold but not frosty position with relatively dry air.

After winter they can come outside when there is no risk for hard frost. The good news is that a cold, dry night with temps down to - 4C does not harm them at all as long as day temperatures are above the freezing point. They dislike the combination of rain followed by frost.

They need plenty of water all summer and starts flowering end June, early July.

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  1. Wonderfull flowers. Never seen them here in Portugal.